© 2021 All the authors who contributed their ideas, efforts,and works to this zine.

Initiated and Organized by Sue Jeong Ka
Edited by Kim Bobier and Emily Bowles
Special thanks to Andrew Fairweather and Nobutaka Aozaki
In support with Arts Council Korea and Kungl. Konsthögskolan

Menu images by Zhi Kai Vanderford, Kwaneta Harris, Lisa Jackson, Elena House-Hay, V. Moore and L. Rodriguez, and Anonymous Artist.

Designed by Bence Iványi
The typeface used throughout the zine, Tex Gyre Heros, seeks to disrupt the excessive commercialisation of printed matter, and Modernists’ monopoly over beauty. Distributed for free through the platform Open Foundry, this open source typeface highlights the beauty of anti-design and graphic brutalism. In giving shape to the critical content of the zine, such ethical and aesthetic typographic choices echo that of 20th century zine pioneers and radical political publishers.